Pay It Forward

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pay it forward

Kaffeina Coffee is partnering with local businesses to help us get connected as a community.

Here’s how it works:
Each week we’re selecting a small business in the area to receive free coffee and energy drinks on Monday morning! We will reach out to the business the week or two before and let them know they’ve been selected and take their orders and preferred time for delivery for the selected Monday.
Their Monday morning pick me up will be sponsored by you!
Along with their coffee delivery, we’ll provide a “THANK YOU NEIGHBOR! Card” indicating their coffee was sponsored by your business, along with a handful of your business cards.
In addition, at our drive-thru, we’ll have a billboard displaying your business name, logo, and contact info as the featured business for the week “paying it forward” to the community. We will also post on our social media pages the Monday of delivery tagging and thanking your business for paying it forward.

Cost of sponsorship is $150 per week
Includes up to 20 beverages, delivery, advertising billboard at drive-thru, social media shoutout (your business tagged), and exposure to our 2k+ followers (FB, Instagram, Google, and Twitter) business card distribution and your logo displayed on our website as a sponsored business here on our pay it forward page.

Become A Sponsor

  • Not all requests are granted. Sponsorships are chosen at Kaffeina’s discretion.
Please Call 727-859-7906 to inquire about sponsoring