About Our Coffee

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Our custom blend, Full City Espresso, is formulated especially for espresso. With an SCA cup score of 85.5, you’re guaranteed a specialty brew that’s bold, yet smooth, and dark with a striking balance of flavors ranging from, creamy, smoky and hints of chocolate.

Life is Too Short to Drink Bad Coffee
Life is Too Short to Drink Bad Coffee

Specialty Coffee and More

Here at Kaffeina Coffee, we’re a new and burgeoning coffee shop in the New Port Richey & Trinity, Fl area. Our inception to the scene was spurred on by the desire to introduce coffee from the heart of coffee culture — Seattle Style roasting and brewing — to the uninitiated here in Florida, over 3,000 miles away.

We are dedicated to giving our customers not only a taste of what makes Seattle coffee unique and special but also to create and craft specialty coffee & energy drinks that guarantee to either jumpstart your day, brighten it, or both. Situated at our beautiful coffee stand, we offer a wide variety of the finest products to produce an on-the-go gourmet experience such as our coffees, frappes, plant based energy drinks and tea, combined with foodie eats like all-day breakfast, gourmet toast and griller sandwiches.

There’s no better time than now for Kaffeina — whether it be for your morning commute into work, in between classes, the gym, or just as a means to bookend your day, our selection of beverages are assured to give everyone the proper fuel and motivation to power through your day.

Our menu boasts an extensive assortment of beverages: espresso-based, energy drinks, frappes, and iced lattes. Our espresso has an SCA score of 85.5, guaranteeing the beans’ quality as a specialty brew and defining itself within the top five percent of coffee worldwide.

Additionally, we’re excited to bring over 80 different syrups and flavors to enhance and modify our coffees to everyone’s taste and preference.

As we continue to develop, we plan to grow upon our selection of muffins, toasts, and breakfast sandwiches to include even more variety, such as lunch cuisine and salads. It’s a guarantee that when one chooses Kaffeina coffee as a staple to their day, they’re getting only the freshest ingredients daily and the best top techniques for coffee brewing to complement the best coffee beans around. While we strive to become your first choice in coffee, more than anything, we are genuine coffee lovers at heart who enjoy sharing our passion for all things coffee with the people of New Port Richey and Trinity, Fl.

As a means of sharing our love and passion for coffee with you, we consider everyone’s dietary restrictions so that everyone can have an opportunity to learn what makes us stand apart from the rest. We’re proud to have gluten-free, dairy-free, and keto options across our menu.

Best Coffee Around

Our services are catered with the customer in mind. We understand the hectic busyness of our customers, which makes offering fast, reliable, and convenient services a priority here at Kaffeina Coffee. With our drive-through establishment and curbside services, your visit is guaranteed to be as quick as you want it. Come out today to experience all we have to offer.

Fuel your day

Give yourself that much-needed boost of energy with Kaffeina Coffee; it’s sure to be your new favorite Craft Coffee & Energy drinks around. Custom made beverages with over 80 flavors to choose from spells out endless possibilities. Come try and experience all we have to offer.